For city lovers (and tight schedules) – Buenos Aires City

Stick around before or after ISEPEP meeting! Buenos Aires is a city of immigrants and as such it has many facets

The cultural offer of the city is vast. Museums, theaters, music, parks, football, stunning architecture, and a thriving nightlife. Try dancing tango at a milonga

If you consider yourself a culinary tourist, then you’ll certainly won’t feel disappointed by the large gastronomic wonders the city has to offer. From the classic “parrillas” (bbq) for meat lovers, to the Italian pizzerias and cafés of the early European immigration, and even the Peruvian cuisine product of the latest immigration waves

It is a wonderful city to explore by bicycle and if you have time to spare you can take a day trip (or half day) to Tigre’s delta for a boat ride or some kayaking.

  For subtropical explorers

Misiones is the perfect option for those who have low cold tolerance. A subtropical forest crossed by geographical faults such as the famous Iguazú Falls and the not-so-famous but amazing Moconá Falls. Besides the natural extravaganza the subtropical forest has to offer, you can visit of ruins Jesuitic Missions, eat some fish at the Paraná river shore or cross over to Brazil and Paraguay in less than a minute.

Winter in Jujuy is lovely: lots of sun and low tourism season. Some of the main attractions of this province are its colored mountains, ancient culture, delicious traditional gastronomy and folkloric music. If there, don’t miss the “Quebrada de Humahuaca” and salt deposit “Salinas Grandes”. Near Jujuy, Salta province has a divine wine circuit (*see below) .

  For cold tolerants (and ski lovers) ~ Patagonia

Bariloche is one of the traditional ski destinations in Argentina. The snow is very close to the city and the surrounding landscapes are heavenly. Weather is harmoniously accompanied by chocolate, beer and great gastronomy.

San Martin de los Andes – This town is quiet and cosy, packed with charming tea houses and part of the 7 Lakes scenic route circuit.
For skiers: Cerro Chapelco is located a few kms from town and offers a several tracks of varying difficulty with the grand view of Lanin Volcano and Lácar Lake.

Ushuaia – Skiing at the end of the world, walking in the woods, eating king crab and black hake from the Beagle Channel and lamb.These are some of the reasons that make worth the long trip to the southernmost city in the world.

Puerto Madryn (and surroundings) – The Southern Argentina Atlantic coast harbours a vast array of fauna. From June to December Franca Whales reach the coasts for reproduction and Puerto Madryn streets are wrapped around their vocalizations. Diving with sea lions, mountain-biking, sailing among whales and watching colonies of elephant seals are some of the activities the area has to offer.

For wine drinkers

CUYO REGION – Mountains, sun and great wines are the postcards of this region

Sun basking in San Juan: During the day, visit lovely vineyards, an ancient “moon park” and relax with the heat of thermal baths of Pismanta. At night you can take advantage of the clear skies and visit Leoncito Astronomical complex

Mendoza – For wine drinkers and cold lovers: Malbec is the star of Mendoza and there is a circuit to taste as much as your liver lets you. As you move west from Mendoza City, you approach the Cordillera de los Andes, hence, snow. There are several ski resort options, such as Penitentes and Las Leñas.

Argentinian North West

Salta continues with the earthy landscapes, small traditional towns and colonial cities of Jujuy (*see above). There are several wineries worth visiting along the Calchaquí Valley. For art lovers, Colomé winery hosts James Turrell Museum. At night don’t miss the peñas (a typical folkloric music gathering).